Helping the Homeless Dream Again

    We meet with a homeless individual for a private luncheon, usually at a local What-a-burger, McDonald's; where ever the individual feels most comfortable. During this time we will do a preliminary interview to determine if the individual meets our requirements.


    Our requirements are few, but we found we needed to establish some guidelines for them. One of our main requirements is that the individual is responsible for themselves. We are not a shelter, we do not give out money directly, and we are not here to act as another "program" for them to pass through. We are here to work closely with individuals to spark a passion in their desire to do better for themselves.

    No one ever dreams of growing up to be that homeless guy standing on the street corner. We dream of being rock stars, Hollywood's favorite actor, or even president someday; but never the homeless guy. And in knowing this, during the interview, we work towards finding out where the road shifted on the path to their dreams? What caused their life to derail?

    Our desire is to get the individual back to a place where they can see their future and begin to dream again; then help them cultivate those dreams. 

    We are...

    Giving hope to the hopeless, standing with them, and helping them find avenues to reaching their potential.

    Julie B., We're so PROUD of her!

    Thank you for partnering with us.

    Julie B. was a homeless person who sat on the corner of Bissonett and Beltway 8 for a number of years. As I sat at the light waiting for it to change, in my heart I asked God what I could possibly do to help someone like her. Two days later I was given the opportunity to take Julie to lunch. As we talked I found that her only desire was to go to a certain school located in Chicago. I asked her if I could get her there would she go, she lit up with a solid yes. So that afternoon I researched the school, then called the director to find out if she could get in. The director wanted to speak with Julie first before making a decision, so the next day I found Julie and put them on the phone together. The director agree to let her attend the school, but we would have to get her there. So with that I started looking to raise bus fare to send Julie to Chicago. With the help of several giving individuals Julie was off to Chicago the next week. 

    I am happy to announce ~ Julie B. graduated in September 2014 ~ when she called to tell me I almost did not recognize her. Her voice was that of a totally changed woman. Thank you to all those who helped change the life of one woman. You guys rock! 

    (imaged used by permission)

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    No one we know ever dreamed of wanting to be like that homeless guy on the corner. Did you?

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