General Office

Donate to the needs of running our office.  Everyday supplies and equipment. Paper, ink, and more. 

Amazon, Office Depot, Staples Gift Cards help too.  


The need to get around to various locations is a must. Gas cards help to get our coaches around to various meet ups with our clients to do interviews. 

We are also  in need of purchasing a new van for the ministry. 

Therefore, we have been working on raising the money for this need for a while now. Hard to do during a pandemic, but we know this is greatly needed. 

Hand Outs

When dealing with the homeless we always like to have little kits to bless them. Soaps, toothpaste, wipes, and snacks. 

Amazon Gift Cards are good to help purchase these items too. 

Gift Cards

Gift cards to food establishments (Whataburger, Taco Bell, McD's) are always good for when we take individuals to lunch.

Just so you will know. We do not hand out money to individuals, but we will supply a gift card or two from time to time.  However, most of the food cards we receive are used when we do interviews and follows as we interview and counsel our clients. 

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