The story below is just one of many in which we come across every year during the holidays. Because of this, we will leave "Project Noel" open throughout 2018.  Allowing you to partner with us all year; it's always good to prepare for the coming days.
Thank you!   

Our amazing friends, Stephanie and Ken, delivered Thanksgiving dinners to families this year. While doing this, they met a single mom with four young children, who gripped their hearts. Looking around the home proved why. There was nothing, no beds, no furniture, just an old frame of a couch without cushions left in the house by the previous renters. 


When Stephanie asked the mom about the situation, both Stephanie and Ken knew they had to do something to better this situation, than just drop food and run. That's what we love about Ken and Stephanie; they practice what should be. While it's true, we can't save the whole world; we can do something to make it a better place. Not only for ourselves but for those who need someone like Steph and Ken, showing up to be real heroes. 


The mom had a stroke that left her disabled and in a wheelchair shortly before Harvey left them homeless. The only income she has is a disability check, which does not even cover their rent. So the needs are significant right now, especially right before the holidays. But our hope and prayers are that other kind-hearted individuals will step up and join in on Project Noel.  


Stephanie and Ken had the children come to their house for pizza, and they put up lights in the front yard of their home together. It was a fun time for all. 


Bridges of Rescue has partnered with Stephanie and Ken to help raise funds and donated of items for this family. Monies are never given out as a policy to any individual. However, any funds donated to "Project Noel"  will be used to pay utilities or buy groceries.


Here is a list of the family members ages and sizes.

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