No one dreams of being homeless... 


In our Mentoring Project we meet with individuals, take them to lunch, and talk with them concerning their life's ambitions.


It is at this point that we access the goals of the individual to see if we would be a good fit to assisting them in rekindling their passion for life. If so, we offer the individual our mentoring service. 


Three months of mentoring to help with setting goals, outlining possible solutions, and moving forward in obtaining their dream and reaching for higher. ​

However, we are in it for life with our new found friends. Once they accomplish the goals, get back up on their feet, and stable our role changes from being their coach to becoming their friend. 

Rescued Love, Inc. is working to help a single mother who is in need.


The mother is at risk of losing the transportation that she needs for her job. She has to pay the repair costs of $1,500 to get her car back.


This mother’s job requires her to have a vehicle, if she loses this she will lose the job she currently has.


Please donate to help with this situation.

Starting over in life is not always easy. Especially for someone who has suffered abuse most of their life.

Trying to gain your footing and figure out how to manage life after living with an abusive spouse can be overwhelming, to say the least.


Life can be difficult in a lot of ways, but for women who have been in abusive situations (often with small children) trying to get a handle on things? 


Sometimes, it seems easier just to go back. 


Our desire is to help women not have that thought.


To be a resource until she can learn how to handle it on her own. We need partners who can provide financial support and prayer to this part of our programming.  It's one thing to work with the homeless, but there's a whole new element to working with women who have always been at home, or under someone's authority so to speak. 


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